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The Mind Block

Have you ever gone through a mind block ? Felt like putting on pyjamas removing your frock, Resting your head upon something with messy locks, Or putting on chappals instead of formal shoes and socks? Shutting off your eyes and ears to ignore the talks, Disappointed by yourself for you can't think out of the box. After a good deal of scowl and frown, You finally open your eyes, you calm down. Then you start asking questions to yourself, you self-inquire . You realize your paranoia was not so dire. Your brain's extinguished fire, Was not the end of your desire. You pull out negative thoughts from your brain like a wire. You register the flame and reignite your fire, You get up, and start rising. You inspire.           - Balshree Adityaa Wagh
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I go out, Wind blows, rain pours. I board trains, buses, elevators, I change stations, I change floors. I was brought up as a free bird, Not a tamed pigeon. Who'd wear an apron and stay in the kitchen, Well, instead, I wear what I like, I go where I want, when I want, And ride my man's bike. My short clothes are a problem, A bad impression on our national emblem. A slut is what I'll be proclaimed. And They'll be blunt. Girls like me, Are very easy for them to hunt. My narrow jeans is a wrong thing. Their narrow mindset isn't. My short clothes is what they'll point out, They'll whistle, tease and shout. They'll think I'm ready, that I give consent. But when I wore those shorts, that's not what I meant. They think this is a game, They think I wear these because I want fame. First they'll perform an act of shame, Then they'll drag me in the court and then they'll blame. They're all double faced, On the outside they'll tell

A Game of Guessing

Destiny has always been unfair, Some end up lucky, while some in despair. They touch, feel & read by pressing, Life for them is a game of guessing. We better agree that our lucks must be bright, We have been gifted with the vision of sight. We know how the sun sets and rises, What the world looks like, what all it comprises. Impaired but ambitious, Disabled but precious. Each one of them has a different spark. Remember, no blind is afraid of dark. Writers, teachers, photographers, They have potential we don't see, And sometimes it just occurs to me, Are they blind? Or are we? We must show gratitude towards this blessing, Our life could've also been a game of guessing.                        — Balshree Adityaa Wagh                             04 April 2017

Memory Of Mankind

R etreat to the eyes, Soothe & therapy to the mind. Closest experience of the Earth for the blind, Clay, the memory of mankind. Before there were notes, It was used to make the dime. Used to make the earthen pots, And beautiful windchimes. Initially it's as soft as a petal, The structure takes time to settle. Eventually gets hard as a rock, Absobrs water like a cotton sock. It can make wonders, But it's okay to make blunders. Just trust your hands enough, Use slurry to smoothen what's rough. Everyday you'll explore its another aspect, Organic, pure and endless, Mould it with respect, It doesn't like you being restless. It comes from the earth, And when you touch it with your hands, Memory of the Earth is what you'll find, Clay, the memory of mankind. - Balshree Adityaa Wagh 10 MAR 2017

My Overdeveloped India

India, the world's largest democracy, the emerging name in the list of the developing countries and also the land of 330 million gods. "Bharat Desh", "Sone ki Chidiya", "Unity in diversity" all of us Indians have heard these words and are thorough with their meanings. Everything has its own pros and cons and each country, each system, each society has its own merits and ofcourse demerits. After all, its a country that's been hurt, and to some it's not even a country, its a wound, a wound that is still fresh, that is still in the process of healing. Maybe that's why they say that ‘India’, is a “developing” nation. Though if you ask me, I don't think India is underdeveloped or a developing nation, It is developed. Infact, I would say, out is overdeveloped. We have developed a remarkable population of people who are smart enough to understand their needs and choices, and smart enough to manipulate groups of their own very kind to do th


Let's change our vocabulary, Let's use she/he instead of he/she. And whoever begs to differ, Just let them be. Let's chuck out the Rickshawala Bhaiyas, And let there be some Rikshawali aunties. Let's be murderers of sadness, And love & affection be our bounties. Let's love all the animals, And not just cats and dogs. And let's call every creature the cutest, Even if they look like hogs. Let's dance and walk around naked, And tell others to do the same. And consider stealing, looting and cheating instead, As a matter of shame. And let being an artist be the greatest profession in the world, And not just a businessman and doctor. Let's not judge people by what they do, And consider the word ‘character'. Let us all take an initiative and enlarge this definition of 'personal space'. And make sure that our eyes are tolerant before we look at this human race. For one day, Just for one day, Let's not follow the hype. For one day, Let's

The Scars of Experience

Once he crawled onto a bus of goods, Which took him deep inside the woods. Everyone thought he must've died out of innocence, But he returned with his scars of experience. Once he saw a girl being bullied, And stood firmly when all the bullies allied. The bullies fled giving a threat of vengeance, While he smiled with his scars of experience. Once he was sharing his lunch with the orphans, Who then robbed him showing loaded guns. After being punished for his lenience, All that left in his pockets were scars of experience. Once he got cheated by his partners in a business plan, Everyone laughed at him, called him a foolish man. After being declared a loser by the audience, He stood up winning his scars of experience. —Balshree Adityaa Wagh 16 MAY 2016