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Showing posts from October 12, 2014

In Need Of Writing

I need to write To prove myself right! If I write, I am strong; If I don't I prove myself wrong! I need to write To hold my dreams tight! If I write I am on track; If I don't I step back! I need to write To show my might! If write I win the struggle for pelf; If I don't then I betray myself! I need to write Till the sun shines bright! Because as you can see; It's a God's gift to me!😉                           -Adityaa Wagh


I am going somewhere Where ? Even i dont know There is no one to share And to and show. Life was fully a compromise I thought each day i wud rise And i could adjust and joint But today is my saturation point! The reality of ppl is in front of me Eventually i was only wrong i can see, And i forgot i am the only nerd. And not everyone has the right to be heard. I started from a desert And i've reached the shore. Standing and thinking first, Do i need to live anymore ?                     -Adityaa Wagh


There are a very few people on the planet, who've learnt to appreciate others. And I know one such girl,  with a heart as light as the feathers. She is as fair as the white sparkling snow, And has within many  emotions to show. Carrying a face with a joyous glow, She's got many people to tackle though. Silly things going on in her life from everywhere to everywhere. But she tries to deal everything with atmost care. Problems problems everywhere not a minute to spare. But I know she's a good soul. Such souls are the prettiest daughters, then become the best wives and mothers, Coz they're the few people on the planet, Who've learnt to appreciate others!                -Adityaa Wagh