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The Netizens

When was the last time   you   shared things with your family freely or went on an adventurous hike ? Or posted a picture and didn't care how many people hit like? Escape this trauma guys and start living . Playing Candy Crush isn't a waste of time for us, Sitting and sharing things with family is. We are the Netizens, Ever wondered what our life is? We agree with a total stranger on Twitter, And avoid our friends on Facebook. We'll hit the share button to save lives. Our life is an open e-book! Our heads buried under the phone, Don't remember when the sun had last shone. We'll judge others by the captions on their pictures, And make fun of the features they can't fix. We are the Netizens, We sleep till twelve since we're up till six! Garrix and Hardwell control our emotions, Along with Ed Sheeran & Adam Levine, "We're fucking animals", When we dance to the machine! We consider it 'love