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We all have been imparted a vision by the so called ' Lensmaker ' - God! If we're all equal in the eyes of God then why are our visions so diff erent ? THE LENSMAKER                               - 20 Sept' 15 Oh Lensmaker sitting up there, How could you be so unfair. Gifting eyes of vision to all, But eyes seeing the truth are rare. It would've been better if you had blessed each one of us this blessing, But instead you left some of my friends in a game of guessing. Guessing how the world looks like! The ones who can never witness the sunset nor could go on an adventurous hike. We seldom use the eyesight to appraise the beauty of things; like adoring a scoop hot chocolate fudge, The only thing we do with our eyes today is to judge! We bifurcate each other under fat, short ,tall, thin very skillfully, Better are blind people who treat every person on the planet equally.✨ Why only eyes; that just helplessly watch misery, And these h