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Him, Her & his Hope

He doesn't know what magic she carries with her, Her skin feels as soft as the softest cat fur. Her small small things make him faint, Like her chubby feet with that black nail paint. She thinks he talks to many other girls, But none of them makes him stare at their hair curls. She thinks he has too many female friends and he's not at all lonely, But she doesn't know whichever girl he talks to, he talks about her only. It feels like he'll solve every problem if she's by his side, Everyday he prays to god that in future she becomes his bride. He's so in love, he thinks she's flawless, He literally worships her like a goddess. So many feelings god himself cannot suppress. Looking at her is his favorite hobby, He stares at her endlessly while she walks in the school lobby. He dreams about the time, When she calls him "mine", When he sees her in the morning his heartbeat skips. He stares at her babylips as she speaks. Her skin