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The Man Who Tasted Cyanide.

Once upon a time there lived a man, Don't know his name but people called him Stan. Maybe he forgot that he had nature's rules to abide, And went ahead and declared the taste of Cyanide. He told this matter to the News, And within seconds he got thousands of views. His life then became a joyride, After he declared the taste of cyanide. People asked him how does it taste, And he told them licking that toxic paste. Its like a spicy ocean with a salty tide, Yes, that's what's the taste of cyanide. Soon he was referred as one of the gentic mutants, Because he used to taste all the toxic reagents. He had a secret talent that he didn't hide, It was the talent of tasting Cyanide. Companies started fighting for his appointments, And were ready to spend millions on this immortal patient. His energy drink was now Hydrogen Sulphide, After he declared the taste of Cyanide. But no girl wearing a wedding gown stood by his side, And poor Stan never did find a