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Memory Of Mankind

R etreat to the eyes, Soothe & therapy to the mind. Closest experience of the Earth for the blind, Clay, the memory of mankind. Before there were notes, It was used to make the dime. Used to make the earthen pots, And beautiful windchimes. Initially it's as soft as a petal, The structure takes time to settle. Eventually gets hard as a rock, Absobrs water like a cotton sock. It can make wonders, But it's okay to make blunders. Just trust your hands enough, Use slurry to smoothen what's rough. Everyday you'll explore its another aspect, Organic, pure and endless, Mould it with respect, It doesn't like you being restless. It comes from the earth, And when you touch it with your hands, Memory of the Earth is what you'll find, Clay, the memory of mankind. - Balshree Adityaa Wagh 10 MAR 2017