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Showing posts from February 28, 2016

Fifteen Minutes

She was not his girlfriend, Of course more than that, she was his best friend. Hundreds of rupees of balance he used to save, For the fifteen minutes of their daily talk he used to crave. He felt like if he didn't talk to her he'd die, That's why he used to call her everyday around five. She wasn't entitled to pick up his call; She was his friend, not his slave, Fifteen minutes daily he used to crave. He could talk to her till his throat dried up, till his eyes became dreary. He used to tell her everything, she was his human diary. She also felt the same way, but she never showed it coz she was brave. Fifteen minutes daily he used to crave. When she finally used pick up his call, He used to become desperate to tell her all. The gossips from all day, he used to save. Fifteen minutes daily he used to crave. He missed her a lot all day & night, But her priority was career and she was right. Her road to success, she used to pave, Fifteen minutes

Designated Drama

This world is a cold and cruel place, Even the closest ones demand for space. Using 'forever' for your bae is easy, But how many of us can stick to those baes? Everybody thinks they're right no one wants to be proven wrong, And all that you know is just a part of a song, Everyone has their own lyrics to tell, But how many of us are even able to sing it well? Its easy to play blame games, With the people who saved you from flames. Many a times our lies cause severe fires, But how many of us agree that we're liars? And life is way beyond rumours, Its a battle of opposite sexes. In which all of us can become good lovers, But how many of us can be good exes?                                     —Balshree Adityaa Wagh                              28 February 2016