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Showing posts from September 28, 2014

Monkey Found the Mirror Bright

Monkey found the mirror bright, What is this he said in a sudden fright? It was an equipment he never had used, At that moment he was completely amused. He was astounded, Astounded by this illusion. Probably not able to understand; This sudden lateral Inversion. Jumping and howling in front of that glass; He now had 'something out of class'. After trying to fit himself in it, He was now trying to defeat it. He was jealous of the creature, who was gazing out from the aperture. For an instance he thought he was folklored. And his entertainment was not at all bored. Suddenly he felt like that creature would pose a danger, So he punched him in anger! The mirror broke with a sudden fright, And monkey never again found it bright! :')                                      - Adityaa Wagh                           

The Class Apart!

Imagine a school having a class of all the legends! How would it be if all the legendary hotshots studied in the same class. Right from scientists to great writers to developers and artists. Here's my account on it. Once there was a class, All bricks and glass. It used to decide fates; One of its students was Bill Gates. Their education used to be tertiary, studied there the car-pro Enzo Ferrari! Girls and boys were not so thorough, the prettiest girl in the class was Marilyn Monroe. Einstein and Newton were best of friends, While Steve Jobs and Edison sat on different ends. Da Vinci was not at all skinny, And used to hangout with Ferruccio Lamborghini. There was one who used to bunk the school to sit watching the shore, An idler of Indian origin  called him Rabindranath Tagore. There was a triad of Gaylussac, Charles and Boyle, And their short heighted Arthur Conan Doyle! Artistic Stan Lee,  Chemistrified Pauling, Courageous Bruce Lee,