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Let's change our vocabulary, Let's use she/he instead of he/she. And whoever begs to differ, Just let them be. Let's chuck out the Rickshawala Bhaiyas, And let there be some Rikshawali aunties. Let's be murderers of sadness, And love & affection be our bounties. Let's love all the animals, And not just cats and dogs. And let's call every creature the cutest, Even if they look like hogs. Let's dance and walk around naked, And tell others to do the same. And consider stealing, looting and cheating instead, As a matter of shame. And let being an artist be the greatest profession in the world, And not just a businessman and doctor. Let's not judge people by what they do, And consider the word ‘character'. Let us all take an initiative and enlarge this definition of 'personal space'. And make sure that our eyes are tolerant before we look at this human race. For one day, Just for one day, Let's not follow the hype. For one day, Let's