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How Newton Dodged The Apple

Wearing his permanent white wig, Newton was once walking by, Marching down the road looking for a place to lie. Finally he found his shade and sat under an apple tree, Then came down an apple rolling towards him, he didn't seem excited for the apple he got for free. He flipped through many dictionaries and found a word with the rarest of rarity. The phenomenon of free stuff rolling down the trees, he called it gravity. He derived formulas and invented this new subject, He even dragged the Sun and the planets in this, to increase its respect. He took full advantage of his mathematical basics, And fused some geeky Greek alphabets and named it ‘Physics'. He introduced all sorts of circular glasses & mirrors and made a lense. Looking through them made the calm Moon look intense. He stuffed his subject so much with his imagineering, it almost looked real. He never realized the monster he was feeding would cause damage that'd be unreal. As time passed by, th