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Showing posts from December 20, 2015

Paying Guest

At this apartment called life, Many showed their true colors, Some of them faded with time, While the brightest was hers. This apartment called life, Rented by many, painted by one. There were some tenants before her, But amongst them she was the best, I wish I could keep her forever, But she was just a paying guest. When life was lonely and I was about to rust, She came and gave me the definition of trust. Calmed me down when I was robust, Taught me the difference between love & lust. She always said she didn't have a talent, But for the first time she was wrong, Her talent was to enrich the soul of others, And flourish their good qualities along. I still remember the good old days, When I was trough and she was crest, Life was rough but she used give her best, She moved away then, She was just a paying guest. Staying away from her was a tragedy, Not just a girl but she was a remedy; Of my deepest cuts, of my lightest sprain, I just hope someday we me