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My Overdeveloped India

India, the world's largest democracy, the emerging name in the list of the developing countries and also the land of 330 million gods. "Bharat Desh", "Sone ki Chidiya", "Unity in diversity" all of us Indians have heard these words and are thorough with their meanings. Everything has its own pros and cons and each country, each system, each society has its own merits and ofcourse demerits. After all, its a country that's been hurt, and to some it's not even a country, its a wound, a wound that is still fresh, that is still in the process of healing. Maybe that's why they say that ‘India’, is a “developing” nation. Though if you ask me, I don't think India is underdeveloped or a developing nation, It is developed. Infact, I would say, out is overdeveloped. We have developed a remarkable population of people who are smart enough to understand their needs and choices, and smart enough to manipulate groups of their own very kind to do th