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Showing posts from January 4, 2015

Tomorrow's School Again

For others that building may seem cool, But I can't describe how much I hate my school. It's the primary source of pain, Oh god, tomorrow's school again. I dishartedly go only twice a week, And rest of the days I tell I was sick. Sick of this harassment to the brain. Oh god, tomorrow's school again. There are only a few there whom I can call mine, And rest of them I hate from the fringe of my spine. Bitchy behind my back while on my face they're like a sugarcane, Oh god, tomorrow's school again. And no matter how much I try pleasing them, They'll still call me lame and search for fame. And all my efforts will be in vain, Oh god, tomorrow's school again.                         -Adityaa Wagh                            

Straight from the Honeycomb.

Sweet as sugar and everything nice, are the ones who have hearts of ice! No matter how much the matter is precise, They'll still add their own spice. At first they'll become the best person in your life, then they'll back stab you with their evil knife. I personally hate them from the spine, but they're a proof that their life is less interesting than mine. They call many people their best friend, Still no one ties them a friendship band. Neither anybody takes a stand, Nor does anybody hold their hand! Hugging from the outsides and burning in the insides, A body in which a jealous devil resides. They're not from their mother's womb, They're straight from the honeycomb! 😉                    – Adityaa Wagh