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Cyanide and Happiness!

Disappointed Stan was walking on the shore, Without a spouse his life had become a bore. Sadly walking by the riverside, He bumped into a lady licking a bar of cyanide. Astounded at first, His eyes started to burst. Keenly Observing the lady with whom did he just collide, The lady holding the bar of cyanide. She held his hand both started walking, And then the lady started talking. So here I meet my guide, You helped me discover I could too taste cyanide. Wearing a red dress and carrying an umbrella, She stated her name was Abella.  The only difference between them was that she did hide, Her talent of tasting cyanide. Abella ate that bar in front of him to lure, While Stan felt deeply insecure. Because there was girl by his side, Who also had declared the taste of cyanide! They talked and walked every evening, And celebrated their brand new beginning. And after their early morning cycle ride, They shared a bar of cyanide. Then he dropped her at her home, Whic